How does one escape samsara and attain moksha?

Your mind is like a sponge. It absorbs what it is immersed in. Meditation is like pointing a fire-hose at a sponge. Intellect is like a steering mechanism for the sponge. You can choose to point your sponge towards things that you want to absorb using your intellect.

If you immerse your sponge towards worldly information then it absorbs worldly information. If you immerse your sponge towards spiritual information it absorbs spiritual information.

If your brain is being overwhelmed by sensory data, then cut off the sensory data. Stop watching TV, stop browsing the internet, read a book. If your mind is being overwhelmed by thoughts of sex and members of the opposite sex, then distract yourself. I've said this earlier, sexual thoughts are like thoughts about any addiction, like cigarettes, alcohol, heroin then only way to deal with it is to make a conscious decision to not give in to it and be somewhere else (mentally and physically) when the thoughts hit you.

But this needs will-power and most of us lack will-power. The way to build will-power is to do things like repeating a mantra, doing bhajans and starving. Eating correctly is the most effective way to control the mind and especially lust. EkAdashi fasting is like catching a super-sonic jet towards mind control.

Try a simple experiment, don't eat onion, garlic or meat for a week and eat lesser than usual, around 1000 calories lesser than your maintenance calories every day. Indulge in going to the temple 2 times a day, sitting quietly and repeating a name (rAma, kRSNa or sloka) for an hour when you are at the temple. Read the BG or the SBG everyday. Get up every morning and try meditating, after 4-5 days have a hearty meal and eat onion garlic and everything you can lay your hands on. Try meditating after that. The difference will be like night and day.

People tell you to eliminate desires, you can't. Desires cannot be eliminated they can only be replaced with other desires. Replace worldly desires with spiritual desires. If you feel like watching TV, then read a spiritual book. Feel like browsing the internet ? Going to sites that distract you ? Take a walk and repeat a mantra. Or make spiritual friends and hang out with them.

Purify your speech, stop talking and thinking in derogatory terms about others. In fact, stop thinking about other people completely unless you are trying to learn a good quality from them.

Feeling angry, take a walk, leave the place. Feel angry with yourself, remember you are just like everyone else and everyone has demons to fight. Except probably God and the gods, even sages have desires for good food, a warm place to crash and a gentle, supple body to lay against. Don't beat yourself up, even participating in local marathon events take months or years of practice, you are talking about mind control. A task that even the greatest of souls have failed at.

You'll see that the mind will come under the control before long and the sensory inputs which hit your mountain like tough and stable mind like clumps of sand and get disintegrated.

But it needs an entire shift in lifestyle, thinking and an obsessive, compulsive desire to be at the feet of the Lord.

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