How does Runescape 3 compare to osrs? genuinely would like to know as i’m about to make a play through and want to know which is more worth my time

I’d ask over on OSRS sub as well. A lot of people on this thread aren’t doing OSRS justice. Tbh that game is a better game than RS3. I’ve just got a nearly maxed account here so I am too invested to quit this game for osrs.

Everything is much more gratifying. There’s no MTX, no shortcuts and the grinds feel worthwhile.

Rs3 is all about getting to the top as fast as possible, being efficient and maximizing whatever you’re doing. The joy for me in rs3 comes from that. The core game, the “experience” of rs3 just isn’t that great, it’s the constant push to become “better” and the ceiling of how high you can push the game that makes it fun or addicting.

Whereas with osrs, it feels so much more fleshed out. Every level from 1-99 feels worthwhile. Skilling is legitimately fun and rewarding in that game whereas skilling in RS3 has gotta be the worst thing in the game. The “experience” is amazing. It doesn’t feel like a huge rush or competition to make everything worthwhile in terms exp rates and GP/hr because the game is legitimately fun. It’s obviously slower paced and people here say that’s a bad thing, but the games designed around that. Osrs has content for nearly any level interval from 1-99 that makes the extended grinds not that bad. Whereas any content pre-level 80ish in RS3 is simply boring, dead or just a chore to get done with.

I love both games tho. Rs3 is where I’ve spent the most time but I realize it’s got the most flaws. Osrs is truly a more flushed out, worthwhile game imo where the entire experience from beginning to end is enjoyable. Rs3 endgame is really it’s main selling point, it’s all about getting to that end game fast fast fast which makes the “start up” of rs3 just feel just lacking

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