How does the schedule for the rest of S5 influence your theories about what we'll see?

My theory is:

Act 1 is mostly just establishing the fearverse- we look through the domains and confirmed shits fucked- and meeting up with allies. Most revelations are probably character based- what's daisy doing, why can't we see georgie, so forth- rather then big plot moments. Near the end, we get ready to storm the Panopticon.

Act 2? Entering the heart of fear. The team try to find ways to take down Magnus by contacting old allies and enemies and so forth. Battle breaks out, and after a lot of struggle and probably a few deaths, the Team win. Magnus finally dies...and then something happens to wildly screw things up. Most likely, the Web finally plays its hand and enters its endgame, whatever that is, although Jon taking Magnus' place as the ruler of the Fearworld and big bad is also very possible. Killing Magnus doesn't solve the problem. It's time to deal with this final threat.

Act 3 is the grand finale. The team set out to resolve the problem once and for all. I feel they'll succeed (it's a tragedy, but not quite that kind of tragedy), but at a very heavy cost. Jon dies. Like, 100%, there is no way he's getting out of this alive. Lots of other horrible things happen too. Very possibly everyone dies.
I doubt the ending is utterly downer "the fears rule forever", but it won't be happy. Best case, Jon dies horribly to banish the fears. My other theories include sending the fears through the crack, saving this world but dooming some other timeline, or mercykilling the cosmos with the Extinction, or maybe handing the world over to the Web completely, rendering humanity utterly controlled but at least no longer being tortured. But either way, it's gonna be a bittersweet ending at best, and outright bleak at worst.

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