How does someone hide their weird/dangerous hobbies from people they HAVE to see every day?

First I’d suggest seeing if you could narrow your list of those who you don’t feel comfortable sharing your interests with. Having less people to worry about keeping it hidden from makes it a lot easier. If that isn’t a possibility for whatever reason then simply just don’t bring it up or display it publicly to them.

For things such as music or shows/movies it could be as easy as using headphones and possibly lower screen brightness whenever is necessary and just using your phone/tablet/laptop to access it so it’s not as easily visibly accessible from the wrong eyes.

For accessories the simplest way is to only use then when you’re alone and away from others (Ex: your bedroom)

Other than these things I don’t see many other methods to keep your interests away from those who you don’t want to know. Sorry if this couldn’t be of more help.

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