How a drone impacted airplane flight paths. (Gatwick drone incident - 2 July)

I own a drone. I only go out and fly the drone in an open field with my son which is located close to a military base. I've seen the flight paths (Over my house) so i choose not to fly the drone in places where the GIANT plane could hit the drone and fuck up the villages week or my life.

I've spoken to the security at the military base and pointed to the location of where i fly the drone. They have cleared me to fly the drone in that field (Aslong as the farmer is happy) The only advice i've been given is if i see a plane or helicopter heading towards where i'm flying the drone to IMMEDIATELY bring the drone down out of the way of the much larger aircraft with guns and to NEVER fly the drone over the fence in to the military base.

It's sorta common sense right guys? Fly the drone no higher than your home, keep away from airports and such, don't fly in places where you could injure anyone else.

Honestly tho. I asked if it was ok after watching one of the giant resupply planes fly over my house like 10ft above the chimney. They fly pretty low around here and my drone can go well above that. I choose not to fly it higher than my house and if i do it's because i'm in the field and it's not normally a flight path for them.

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