How do I ease the tension after I hookedup with a girl?

well I wouldn't be "using" her. that would be really rude. and I already said I'm fine if we don't hook up again (was just thinking that'd be a nice perk if possible). but I do want to ease the tension and be friends with her. Again, I am perfectly fine if we never hook up again. I just don't like how things currently are. She is being very rude to me. giving me one word answers and not being very friendly to me.

The nicest thing she did for me is she got me a beer at the party when I asked her to grab me one when she was going to get herself a drink. I was actually pretty surprised because I wasn't expecting her to do it. I thought that was progress too. If she didn't want to stay friends, why would she do that?

but she just needs to be consistent, because the next time I saw her after that, she saw me coming and turned around and ran away. she's pretty shy.

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