How is the end of Cuomo Not getting any play ? what is gonna happen? Everybody calls for him to step down and he just says no way?

What civil court judgements does Cuomo have against him? Show links. Again, I am not a Cuomo fan here, but I see a lot of this type bs going on here! If Cuomo were to have been found guilty of any crimes in court, He wouldn't still be Governor! So unless you have proof of these civil court trials and convictions, Please do not spread the rumor(s) of it. If this is indeed true then post it so everyone can view and decide for themselves. I've stated this from the beginning that all of this was based on the accounts of the accusers with zero physical evidence to support the claims. Cuomo most likely will lose his Governorship through resignation, or impeachment. If after that occurs and these women do not pursue legal action against Cuomo, Then we all know it was about getting him fired. Even if they do, It's going to be a very difficult process of proving he actually did these things in court. Rumors, and accusations go far, Just not far enough to usually get convictions unless "special provisions" are taken deeply into consideration. Like I said if these women have physical evidence of their claims then why didn't they make it available to the media? Where is the proof he sexually harassed them? I understand the "climate" here and all, but that shouldn't change the scope of the problem nor outcome in a court. We just witnessed Bill Cosby's conviction get overturned and tossed out upon his release. Why? Because it was bullshit from the beginning! Yeah sure you blame the prosecutor for fucking it up. That was because the case was bullshit from the start and shouldn't have been brought into a courtroom! Hate all you all want, but unless these women can produce admissible evidence of Cuomo's harassment, I think his legal team is going to feast on this after the political maneuvering has ran it's course.

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