How exactly am I suppose to pass the Cargo Intercept tutorial ?

I killed the freighter last as well.

Concerning the sidewinders (the small fry): - 1v1 the one that your wingmen aren't focussing. This is most likely to keep your back clear as the freighter does not give many shits about you until you actually engage him and the other sidewinder will be busy fending off your wingmen. - When you're getting into a turn battle, put 4 power units to engines and 2 to weapons. Keep your throttle in the blue area (50%) and you'll outturn him easily. - Keep melting off his shield with your laser. Missiles do next to zero damage against shields, so hold onto them for now. - When his shields are down, take your time to line up a decent missile shot. Two missiles should be enough to kill him, if not, finish him off with the laser. Do not spam the missiles as you do not have many. But it's okay to miss one or two. - By the time you're finished, your wingmen will probably have taken care of the second sidewinder, if not, kill him as well.

Against the Type 9: - Again: Laser against shields, Missiles against hull. - Recommended power distribution: even, fiddle around whenver a module is in dire need for some juice - Run away whenever your shields go below 1 ring. Type 9s are slow as hell (~150 m/s; ~200 with boost). - This Type 9 has two forward-facing lasers (hurt like hell), two top-mounted chaingun turrets (don't hurt as much) and one under the belly in front of a small "hill" sticking out.

Zones to be in (from worst to best): - directly in front (boost behind him, then turn around using blue zone throttle) - anywhere above (move downwards & towards him at the same time) - directly below - on the sides (he can easily roll turn 90 degrees) - below + behind + real close (blind spot, keep ther at all costs) - > 1500m away (next to no damage from his turrets, little damage from his lasers, also you'll deal next to no damage to him)

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