How do you explain "the memories of past lives" that some children seem to have?

You are male, but feminine, and you are sexually submissive.

I wasn't guessing everything. I know you have the mindset of slaves because you admit you are an atheist. All atheists have that mindset.

Everyone who has that mindset is sexually submissive.

The conformist mindset encourages slave marks, tattoos.

If I could physically see you I could tell how much of a conformist you are by your clothing choice and hair style.

The conformist mindset and the mindset of thieves are in the mindset of slaves.

Lies are within the slave morality, and mindset dictates morality.

I do not believe your claim of 10%.

If you have a job, it is menial. You are unsuited to leadership. You are not a manager or boss, or if you are, you are responsible for a lot of the troubles at your work place.

You are quite good at fashion, and average to good at being popular. You fit in well. You aren't a nerd, you don't read books for pleasure.

There's nothing exceptional about you. You do not stand out.

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