How to explain why I want to pursue med school to family? (Over PA/NP)

That sucks that you had that experience with nursing instruction, but maybe an advanced nursing programs could provide you with more of the enrichment you’re looking for?

NP doesn’t seem too bad tbh of a path, and will be more straightforward for you than making the pivot to medicine. You’ve looked into the different fields NP’s can work in? It’s very broad. NPs can handle 90% of the cases that MD/DOs can. Obviously, if you want to go into surgery, then sure go for medicine.

Will you need to take extra courses or do a post bacc to fulfill the premed requisites? When will you be ready to take the MCAT? Do you have good grades? It’s not just the extra years of medical school and residency; you have to build a competitive application with research/shadowing/community service and for most that takes a couple gap years after undergrad if not more.

Lifestyle is an important consideration, and you have to understand the financial reality that going the route of medicine entails. You will spends thousands on the application process multiplied by how many cycles it takes. Private medical schools easily cost 300k+ for four years. Most medical students come from higher income families so they get help paying for this. You will probably be working a lot to pay off that massive loan debt, because most specialties do not have both good hours and high pay.

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