How Extreme is the "Moderate" Muslim?

There was never a thing called a 'moderate' Muslim. This recently invented term is used to downplay the threat of Islam. There are essentially two kind of Muslims. If you study Muhammad and sahaba, you'll see that Islam went through two distinct phases. The Makkah and the Madinah phase.

The people who carry the Islamic virus switch between two modes. When outnumbered and weak, they are Meccan Muslims and give smiles and tell you how peaceful and perfect Islam is while hiding from you the violent and awful shit written in the Quran and hadith. Muhammad did the exact same when he was outnumbered in Mecca. In over a decade, he only managed to convert less than 150 people which included his first wife, Khadija and the poor people of Mecca. Only when he moved to Madinah and started his Islamic army, he went back to invade Mecca and spread Islam by force.

Whenever Islam is weak and outnumbered it stays in the Makkah phase where it appears to be harmless. The followers harbour this deadly ideology which is in its early stages hence the Makkah phase. Give it some time and concentrate them into an area and this virus (Islam) will transform itself and reach the next stage, the Madinah phase. Here, you'll see the followers become serious in practicing Islam and will not hesitate to follow the entire Quran and hadiths. They develop an us vs them mentality.

The Makkah Muslims will sugar-coat Islam and tell people Islam is peace. You can call them the PR force of Islam, always jumping in to distract people from Islam's true teachings. Popular examples of these sort of Muslims are NAK, Omar Suleiman, Hamza Yusuf, Yasir Qadhi, Zakir Naik and Mufti Menk.

The Madinah Muslims on the other hand will start abrogating the so called peaceful verses they were parroting a while back to fool people that Islam only taught peace and replace it with the final verses Muhammad left behind. Examples of these sort of Muslims are Anjem Choudhary, Abu Hamza, Bin Laden and Dr Bilal Philips.

The problem with stopping Islam permanently is because it keeps downgrading itself into the Makkah phase whenever its existence is under threat. This is because most people (some even in this subreddit) will brush away this premature and weak form of Islam(Makkah Islam) because they compare it to other religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism etc and claim they are harmless. You just cannot compare modern day Christianity with Makkah Islam, let alone Madinah Islam. Why? Here’s just one reason why. What religion kills people for apostasy? None except Islam. This is why Islam is not a religion. It's worse than Nazism and communism put together. It's fucking deadly. Islam is a totalitarian supremacist death cult that seeks world domination. It is a complete way of life that controls all aspects of life, with its own politics (Islamic law) and culture (Sunnah of Muhammad).

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