How Facebook Makes You Depressed

The same thing thing is true for pretty much all social media, reddit, twitter, and even youtube, or many other smartphone apps and games (especially those games with microtransactions, that you often hear people spend thousands of dollars on? again designed to be addictive so that people spend as much time and money on them as possible). I don't really understand why more people don't quit facebook, both for the reasons that it is designed to be addictive, and also for privacy reasons.

There is also a great essay written by Aaron Swartz called My life offline where he describes his experience of going a month offline:

I felt not just happy, but firmly happy — solid, is the best way I can put it. I felt like I was in control of my life instead of the other way around, like its challenges just bounced off me as I kept doing what I wanted. Normally I feel buffeted by events, a thousand tiny distractions nagging at the back of my head at all times. Offline, I felt in control of my own destiny. I felt, yes, serene.

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