How to farm during a bad laning phase

Alright this game here is the exact way to farm when you're in the shittiest situation possible.

I start off in a 2v2 lane, my CM bought their account and had absolutely no idea what to do, proceeded to ignore everything I said and went to pull. Whatever he's an idiot surely he'll pull and it'll all be fine soon.

He pulls, dies. Doesn't farm jungle with frostbite, then abandons the game at level 5. I'm stuck in a 1v2 lane vs silencer and ember who I can't ever pressure or do much against because of curse of the silent draining my mana..If it wasn't for the CM's aura I would've got completely crushed since I would have had no mana to spin away from anything and I would've surely died any time I went to contest for cs. So I only went to get cs in lane when I had mana for spin. Otherwise I would've bought a bottle and tried to survive that way.

The enemy morph decided to come to my lane and ditch his AM completely, meaning both safelaners had a pretty hard time. The AM was very bad it turns out, had no idea what he was doing really. Thank god for valve's MMR putting me against 4500 players!

But I farm every time I can, rotating between the lane and jungle camps until my brood eventually forces more than just the support morph to deal with him.

We had no wards, enemies had wards and such on the entire map. I walked into death 1/2 times when I could've easily avoided it by playing it better but I made a small mistake. After complaining a bunch WR finally bought some wards and I was able to safely farm my entire jungle and mid/safelane by simply avoiding the enemies while brood pushed and generally owned.

It was basically a 2v5 game, me and brood rotated between splitpushing and made so much space for eachother it's actually unreal. If he died I got a tower, if I died he got a tower.

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