How do you feel about boomer criticism?

I find both annoying. I do think that the boomer generation lived in a great time, but obviously not without its issues.

Something I think about a lot is if every generation looks down on younger generations as being weak, or overly sensitive etc. I can only really attribute it to progression and changing values. I’d imagine this was almost always the case. I think for some generations, they experienced such trauma that they are happy for things to be better for the young.

On the other side, as values change and we progress, people naturally look to prior generations and criticise them. Again, I expect this happens for every generation. I’m around 30 and I’m already starting to wonder what values I have that are becoming outdated. One example would be some of the discussion around misgendering trans people. I don’t consider myself transphobic, but I’m a bit conflicted on the whole misgendering thing, and some aspects of bathroom use etc (my view is we need to remove gender from a lot of language and there won’t even be an issue, and that we conflate sex and gender too often). Anyway...

There are definitely issues caused by previous generations. Some Young people now are so self entitled that I can see why older folk get pissed off.

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