How do feel about a girl who wears extensions/weave/wigs?

I am 100% against it! Especially coming from South Africa. I wear my hair short, natural, afro, or braided( with my own hair).

I see the affect of what weaves and wigs are having on the African/Black race and it makes me cringe. All these naturally beautiful African woman, thinking they need to look like Beyonce or Rihanna to be beautiful? And you'll find some of these woman don't even realize that even A list celebs are wearing extensions and weaves etc.

I see where my country is, and the staggering homelessness, the lack of education, the joblessness. The kids in the rural area's not eating every day, and then I see their mothers wearing R600.00 weaves? Which when that cheap need to be replaced every 2-3 weeks. There are people feeding their family's on less a month.

I see these 3 year old kids, with these massive braids and extensions and I think WTF are you doing to this childs body image. Why are you telling this innocent child that their natural state is not okay? Have you not seen the thousands of black south african teenagers, with sugar daddies, and the HIV and AIDS rate sky rocket, because these girls feel they need money to buy their fake hair, fake nails, name brand clothes etc?

And then people have the indeceny to tell me, I should have a weave? Or ask me all the time when I am getting my hair done? I have beautiful red/brown/ African ethnic hair which is ALL natural. I don't dye my hair, although I am constantly accused of it. I don't wear nor support weaves, wigs, extensions or any other form of plastic on people's heads.

WOMAN of the world. Be okay with who you are for Christ's sake. Get with it! Feed your families, invest your money wisely. And specifically South African woman, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, we are Beautiful, please appreciate your natural self, and STOP PUTTING others down, who do.

Regards A Black South African Woman.

P.s. I can understand the use of WIGS, in cases of Cancer patients etc. I'm not a total dick.

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