How do you feel about the TikTok ban ?

I am not one to voice my opinion, but after seeing the CEO of tik tok testify amongst the US congress, it is truly embarrassing. The amount of irrelevant questions they were asked, was not knowledgeable and gave no point to why they want to ban it. It is in little words saying it’s ok for the US government to harvest our information amongst many platforms, just not the Chinese. Those are people we “rely” to make correct decisions but in the end they are focusing more about banning Tik Tok than real problems that need fixing. There has been a lot of knowledge I have gained from tik tok, and it is very informative in many ways. I have learned new things that I did not learn in the US school curriculum. That platform gives people caution about arising issues. It is ridiculous to hear those people speak. And ridiculous for them to think it’s ok for different platforms that they pay money for, to harvest our information.

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