How do you feel comfortable asking your partner for things you need and want?

I feel comfortable talking to my partner for the most part. Some stuff I’d rather handle on my own. When I’m in a relationship, I’m a good communicator because we are together and he’s not a mind reader. I tend to bottle some things up and have been working on that, but overall I’m good. He definitely tell him what I want and need without issue, trust me.

A few months ago I became a bit insecure about my communication style because he has at several points made comments such as “sometimes it’s really hard to tell what’s on your mind” and so I asked him “do you feel like I share a lot with you about my feelings? Am I a distant partner?” And he said yes, just that sometimes I’m stubborn and it’s like pulling teeth to get me to share, but he feels close to me basically. He said I always end up sharing, just might need time. I was like fair enough.

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