How I feel using Tinder

Same here. I match most of the check boxes of what a perfect account would be, it could be a bit better of course, but still. I am 6ft. Get complimented on my looks. Have been approached to do some modeling even while walking around (3 times). Not to brag but making the point that I may at least be in the top 20% yet my match rate is probably average about 1/30 right swipes (I don't swipe on every woman but am also very generous with who I right swipe on) and many of the matches I get are the women I was the least excited about. The past month, it's been like 1 in 100+ right swipes a match, nothing about my profile has changed and I live in a big city. No fucking idea what is going on. I think there may be some backend issue or Tinder has decided to increase the difficulty level even more to entice more men to buy more premiums (and it may be an A/B test to see what the results of that may be).

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