How to make a film while traveling alone. A South Korean man from the opposite side of the Earth made a film while travelling alone 30 cities in Europe for 3 months. The scenes were filmed by passers-by willing to help him. It was his first trip for all of his life.

"A film is not designed to dictate anything. A film shows what's happening. Most of the films in Cannes this year and in preceding years show what is happening, but very few films are designed to show what is not happening. I hope that my film, therefore, will show just that dimension. It depicts what is not being done, what is not happening. I think one has to think with one's hands and not with one's heads."

"The cinema should consist not so much in showing what's happening, but films should show what's not happening, in which you [can] never see anywhere, including on Facebook."

"The cinema has done a lot when it comes to depicting what has happened in the past and the things one might hope will happen in the future. I quickly understood what was most important was not what we call the actual 'shooting,' but the editing. The editing comes first. Film is a sort of post-production, in fact."

  • Jean-Luc Godard
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