How to be fine with the fact that your SO is only emotionally attracted to you?

From what she describes, she sounds demisexual, which is a form of Asexuality (in essence, not having sexual attraction even if you have a desire or physical urge for sex). That language should help you find resources if you're interested, or maybe even suggest the label to her (many people who fall under Asexual feel broken or invalid for not having that attraction, so she might find a lot of comfort in it and it may even help her in healing from her traumas if she knows she isn't abnormal).

I'm in a relationship with an asexual guy myself, and while it sometimes feels weird that he isn't physically attracted to me, he validates me in other ways to make sure I understand that he loves me. She seems to really like you as a companion, and since you've only seen each other a few times, yeah it can be hard for her to really feel a physical bond with you. I wouldn't worry about that.

In terms of her pointing out celebrities and stuff, most people have a sense of visual aesthetics even if they aren't sexually attracted to someone. Don't get wrapped up in it, and you'll be okay.

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