How to Form Your New Identity As A Red Pill Male

You can stop improving if you want.

Did I say that? I recall describing realistic goals to beat my current mentor figure and I'm also on a pretty rigorous workout routine.

Bobby isn't a genetic freak.

He absolutely was. His IQ was in the 1/1000th percentile and he had all sorts of obsessive personality traits that were probably genetically induced, and made him play some damn good chess. He also had a strong physical body giving him intense endurance and while that's not entirely genetic, genetics help. Don't talk about what you don't know.

Rommel wasn't a genetic freak.


Slash, Bill Gates, Donald Trump?

I know very little about these individuals but you're ignorance on Bobby Fischer makes you difficult to believe.

You can develop skills that will put you in the top 20%

20% is a good realistic goal. 10% is a good realistic goal. 5% is a good realistic goal. Even 1% might be a good goal if you're the right kind of person. But to quote Brad Pitt's Achilles about people remembering your name, probably half believing that you are either him or could be, is not good.


Sir Richard Branson, PewDiePie, Denzel Washington, Hugh Jackman, GSP, Gracie. These are just examples.

These are your idea of 20% men? Jesus, these aren't even 1% men. These are the creme of the crop. These are the men 1%ers wish they were. 20%ers are the men you get a few of in your class who seem to be talking to women and seem good looking without saying too many stupid things. Half the appeal of the 20% rule is that far fewer than 20% of men strive to be in it. Now, that doesn't mean you don't need to work hard as hell to be in it, or else you wouldn't need TRP but don't kid yourself here.

It doesn't matter who you look at, who you study under. The pupil must exceed the master.

The Beethoven who exceeds his Mozart is not the rule. It's rare as fuck.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

I'm sorry, other than being one of those feel good bullshit truths you love so much, what does this have to do with anything? Do you think Bill Gates is an example of talent who doesn't work hard? Christ kid.

Here's some perspective. It's 10:06PM EST on Valentines Day on Saturday night. Why are you posting to TRP and arguing with me if you're one of the few who can work hard to overcome Arnie and Slash? If you're in California then you ought to be getting ready to bang your plates and if you're anywhere else than you ought to already be doing it.

Wanna hear my answer? Because I haven't raised my SMV to the necessary point yet. I started a very difficult workout regiment and I'm really working hard. I'm studying like crazy. I'm trying to improve my social skills and seeing some success, but I haven't made it work yet. I'm working hard and anticipating the future results. You're dreaming about being Achilles.

Neither of us are having sex tonight but at least I'm a realist about it. My empty bed has no feel good bullshit, delusions, or anything. It's a place to sleep while my sore fucking muscles recuperate and build so that next year I'll be in a different position. My romantic dinner is a bunch of eggs because I need the protein. Now quit making excuses and dreaming of a fairy tale world. You're not special; you're just entitled.

Here, I'll give you a feel good truth. A real one.

Very very few men swallow the red pill. Most never even subscribe. Most subscribers never really swallow. They stay in the anger phase forever and get laid only when they lower their standards. TRP isn't the elite, we're a self help group for those who are not elite but wish to become such one day. Most of us will fail because on average we weren't the cream of the crop to begin with. If you don't believe me, consider how many RPers have BP stories from way back when.

However, few men anywhere swallow the pill. I doubt that even one in ten men tries to be in the top 20%. Naturally, some percentage will just find themselves there. You have the opportunity to actually swallow the pill, drop the feel good bullshit, and actually go for it. You can stop dreaming of being a fairy princess Arnie or Gates and strive to be you with more muscle, more brains, and more game. Nobody will remember your name, but you will have a better career and more sex.

You know why? Because there isn't much competition. The one way feminism has been our friend has been by weeding out the competition for us. Nobody's even trying anymore. There's your feel good truth. The competition sucks badly enough that you can beat it if you try. Sorry, it's not being Arnie, but it's something.

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