How to frame 1 5/8 and get the backs. If you dont do it this way either you dont need the backs screwed or you just made your job 10x harder

Toxic lol. If you built a jig for that youre kinda smarter than a lot of carpenters but youre still an idiot because overall youd still go slow. Yeah, you would get the backs screwed so youd actually complete the wall which is what the videos about but this is very elementary so it doesnt require a jig, its too easy to need one. I only posted this because 1: it was friday and I had my footage up 3-4 hours before I took the video and was fucking off. And 2: it is demoralizing how slow carpenters today are when our trade used to be extremely competitive. This was honestly just a video in hopes of helping a few guys that do my job. Like I said, 2 guys got laid off for getting 30' all day on that job this week. Theres no reason for me to do that in 12 minutes and see them get paid what I do all day for work that would take me an hr. They only got 30' because they failed backsides already, and the other walls like that are all missing backside screwing and Ill have to fix it, which is boring and stupid. It took them all day on 30 ft because if you dont pre build it you cant frame it according to detail, the stud is too thin. I guess the video sucks but I was fucking around and the stupid apprentice came back and ruined my fuck off time. I coulda hid in an outhouse and smoked cigarettes and no one would have cared but again, thats boring and makes the day seem longer. Sorry trying to help other people got everyone so mad and made you all want to mock me. That building is 120 ft tall btw. I doubt many wood framers are on a buildimg anywhere near that tall. Its the oakland mormon temple

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