How the fuck are people so young and doing so well??

My parents didn’t give me anything, but I knew from high school that I had financial goals and made responsible choices and plans/steps. I’m 26, I make close to six figures annually, my net worthy is just above six figures including savings and investment. My target is to be seven figures by age 35. I’m pretty low key person and my social life is very limited. I try to avoid as many distractions and bs in my life as possible. I always pressure myself and tell myself I can do better. I will say this, am I happy all the time? Not really, but I can’t help it. I’ve seen what life is like with no money, I want to be in the complete opposite end of it. Life is a game, it’s a competition and you have to be hungry to win. I am so hungry and so think that fire is what gets people where they are.

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