How do you make a good argument?

I try to consider all angles and then present my opinion in a convincing way. I not necessarily right all the time, I just sound right and this persuade people into agreeing with me.

For instance: Here’s why I think mechanical pencils are better than regular pencils.

You want a mechanical pencil because you’ll never lose detail when sketching something, it’ll always be consistent. Yeah, it’s true that the lead point breaks off easily, but do you really wanna spend half of your time sitting there with a pencil sharpener when you could just click a new piece of lead? And think about the mess… sharpening pencils takes work and it’s messy. Think of all that time you’re wasting. There’s a small adjustment period with mechanical pencils, you just have to apply less pressure and you’re golden.

I can come off convincing but it doesn’t mean I’m right. I’m ignoring the fact that mechanical pencils are expensive. Also, any good artist knows that traditional pencils are better for shading. Not all good arguments require deception, but I think many do. It’s like being a salesman for your opinions.

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