How to be a good guest during my upcoming trip?

Dont bother the NA unless its absolutely necessary and an unxpected situation.

If you have any questions, needs, or concerns do it in a timely manner at checkin or soon after.

Services and personel are extremely limited after 11pm and its frustrating to literally have several calls happening at the same time at 1am about situations they could gave gotten taken care of quickly and easily when there was 8 people on the clock(8pm) in different departments, as opposed to just 1 person on the entire property after 11pm.

Besides guest issues, the Auditor has work to do even if nobody calls or cones to the FD.

I grit my teeth while smiling many times somebody wants something that could have been taken care of at a reasonable time.

Now, if something unexpected happens, like the A/C stops working? Totally understandable.

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