How Green is Your State? [OC]

Nuclear has a bad rap

I mean honestly what is it with reddit and nuclear power?

It never fails to amaze me the circle jerk of nuclear power on Reddit. The reason it has a bad rap, isn't because of that but because its capital and maintenance costs relatively to other sources is much higher. That is simply never going to change. Even with research being placed into smaller more efficient generators its never going to have the mass adoption of other sources of energy. Its not about safety but cost and waste disposal.

I can't take someone who claims to be an environmental scientists who doesn't understand the real issues facing nuclear power and why it is never making going to be adopted en mass.

Its like the bulk of Reddit users just like hearing their own voices but never stop to think why things are a certain way in reality. You just like hearing your own thoughts never for a moment stopping to think that you might be wrong.

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