How gun-tax legislation would affect Seattle firearms stores

Because the limousine liberal that populates Seattle has had enough of your gun and your gun bullshit, and is willing to fuck everyone to make a point how much we hate guns. Fuck guns. Fuck YOUR gun specifically.

20 years of being bullied by NRA and libertarian bullshit puts people in a foul mood. Europe regulates guns, Europe has far fewer shooting deaths than we, and Europe is how we wish Seattle were, in many political ways. Whether you can poke holes in that or not, don't care. We have idealized it to the point of it being a religious pursuit.

While you might be able to take umbrage at this post, or poke logic holes in it throughout, I would suggest that 20 years of bullshit NRA lobbying against sane normal gun laws has left the political landscape with two options: Frontier wild-west no-rules, and lock-down nut-vice gun laws enacted with all the moral social justice outrage of a public that is just tired of all the indefensible shooting incidents, from Sandy Hook to Charleston to (gun nut of the week).

Yes, 99% of you are law abiding and reasonable. Don't care. Fuck your gun. no, fuck YOUR gun. Fuck all of you. Until you shut the NRA down and let reasonable gun legislation happen, I'm willing and happy to vote for any ridiculous, over-wrought, unconstitutional gun law I can. Because your NRA has been unreasonable, terrorist-like, my only response is to also be unreasonable and terrorist-like. I'll fuck your gun rights any chance I can. Because the NRA fucks reasonable discourse any chance it can.

Reasonable gun owners need to shout down the NRA and be willing to allow reasonable gun laws to happen. Unless or until you do ... Fuck your gun.

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