How do guys deal with infatuation?

We are all idiots with infatuation...

First we say, wow

Then we ask a friend if they have the same infatuation

Then we chase it and say "Hold my Beer and watch me totally mess up" what we are currently in love with.

Then we complain to each other how we messed up so our bros don't make the same mistakes and only 3/10 70% of us do all the same stupid stuff.

This is why girls dress to impress girls cause guys don't care about brand of shoe, we know she wore a shoe on each foot, but we are not infatuated with shoes. We like all the butts, we think a girl with a ponytail is hot, we think a naked girl with a pony tail who says "Yank this pony tail in any direction that pleases you". Is Mega Hot.

My friend once had a girlfriend surprise him when. Returning from deployment by getting the paddle in her throat removed cause it made her have no gag reflex and later when he said "We are getting married"...none of us were surprised...but everyone asked her about the gag reflex surgery cause that was infatuating to every guy.

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