How you guys doing during this quarantine

My quarantine would be great if my mother and younger sister would take it seriously. My mom went to a party and my sister has had her friend over multiple times. They both keep going out to shop or whatever, which is honestly stupid of them considering that we're poor and my mom's technically unemployed right now. Then for food, they keep wanting to go to McDonald's like every single day multiple times a day. I have bad eating habits when it comes to fast food in general because I don't know why, but I lose my appetite with it and I end up skipping several meals since all we ever seem to eat is fast food. All I want is for us to enjoy a home-cooked meal for once, but every single time I ask for one I'm met with "tomorrow" which never comes.

Other than that, quarantine's been pretty good. It's currently 4AM so I should probably get off Reddit now. Even if I don't feel tired, it's probably not good of me to go to bed so late every night... welp, sorry (or thanks) for the rant

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