How do you guys feel about Orthodox outreach to Catholics in light of the recent Pennsylvania report controversy?

As a non-Christian who has been trying to decide between joining Catholic RCIA or inquiring at an Orthodox church for quite a while now, this recent news has all but cemented my decision to head east.

There is a lot I like about Orthodoxy, and the areas in which the churches differ in terms of doctrine and outlook I tend to prefer the Orthodox view, but there was something about the Catholic church that was calling me unrelentingly. It might have been aesthetic, it might have been because I'm very much a "westerner" and I saw it as my culture, but I was very much leaning toward becoming a Catholic until this story broke.

I just can't. This scandal is beyond ridiculous and I fear this is just the tip of the iceberg. These stories are absolutely sickening and demonic. And visiting the Catholic subreddit and seeing people say "why would Judas make you turn from Jesus" and "despite all this, we cannot abandon the TRUE church" has me baffled. Like, I guess if they're that swayed by the historical arguments for papal supremacy the unwillingness to abandon the institution no matter what makes sense but didn't someone once say something about knowing them by their fruits?

Heads need to roll in the Catholic church or I don't see how they will survive.

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