How do you guys stay motivated?

Adderall. Lots of it. :) And people think I'm crazy but re-piping the heating system in January was excellent motivation... And now today its going to be in the low 90's and I haven't put the AC back together yet...

The free time thing is a big thing/issue. It's almost like having two jobs. Finish the 9-5 then start in on the house till about midnight... On weekends & for other things I had to have a conversation with the wife and explain that house project got big and way out of control so we are going to need to sacrifice some fun/play time so I can work on the house --or else it won't get done.

Another great motivator is having a party. As of today I've got 79 days left to get my house finished. The list is: finish home electric, finish air sealing attic, put AC duct work & air handler back together, finish drywall in garage, repair termite & water damaged rot in wall between home & attached garage, take down siding & install soffit vents, fix door frame in garage so it doesn't leak when it rains, do new fireplace tile surround & mantle thing, finish cabinets for above washer & dryer, paint the house, hang 3 TVs on walls, paint pretty much every room inside the house, paint & put baseboard covers back on/together, make matching baseboard molding for a few rooms... oh and then there's the bathroom... 79 days... lol

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