how is harakiri worth the price they are asking for?

I'm sorry, but I'm not seeing the issue you're seeing here. $124 for a big game with a bunch of minis seems pretty normal. Expensive, yes, but in line with many other Kickstarters, and cheaper than the one you mentioned, Weather Machine.

And then, you have the option to get two more expansions for $102 more. That seems pretty normal pricing to me.

Is that a lot of money? Sure. But it's a lot of content for a lot of money. For this kind of game, I can't imagine what the more affordable version of it would look like.

Considering how much I've spent on Root or Spirit Island with all their expansions, this game is starting to look affordable. Maybe what you're experiencing is sticker shock since you're having to consider buying the two core boxes and two expansions all at once to get the "full experience"?

All that said, if it's bothering you, don't buy it. I bet there are other games out there that will make you happier for far less money. Sushi Go is $7 at Target right now and it's brilliant.

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