How hard is it for an American to get a citizenship in your country

They started in with the dv'ing before I added that bit...and they have done it on other posts on this subject.

Those yanks you mention are usually either staying temporarily as students or contractors, or they are wealthy luvvies travelling on mum&dad's money. This guy above is trying to gain permanent citizenship and become a full on European. Without a parent from the EU that is not easily done.

On the other thread the American kid in question was autistic and depressed and the shitheads in the sub were having a go at him SAS-style, laughing in his face as they told him not to bother trying to leave the states at all. I was the lone voice of reason to tell him that even though it's not easily done you can gain a teacher's visa or become a shortage worker abroad and it will at least buy you a year or two to build up a background and try to get a foot in the door somewhere. At the very least if they deny you after all that time you have at least enjoyed some time abroad, made some money and got out of the place that was making you feel so miserable back home.

All I know is, if that were me in these people's shoes I'd give it a fair go, they've nothing else to lose.

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