How To Know If You Are An SJW

Leftists always lie? Boy I love living in a world where scientific/literature-based knowledge is seen as lying and where conservatism's filtered, self-interested propaganda is hailed as truth. Any amount of research, at all, would indicate that most leftist ideologies are based on critical analyses of the ACTUAL state of the world and its societies as well as what causes societies to function better or fall apart.

Seriously. I know your brand of ignorance will cause you to immediately write me off and dismiss what I'm saying just because it doesn't fit the view from your tiny, subjective, bubble. But, notice that I'm not telling you what to believe. I'm telling you to do your own {legitimate} research and try to approach knowledge without prior judgement.

My personal ideologies are based in concrete facts and evidence, nothing more. I find it completely unacceptable that with the abundance of knowledge available today, people like you can still vehemently oppose anything that makes you just a little uncomfortable. Being human is about growing and evolving your beliefs and attitudes, but you can't start unless you first challenged your own beliefs. It will be the most uncomfortable, yet worthwhile, thing you do.

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