How to know if someone is just going through something and doesn’t want to talk as much and wants some space or if they just lost interest in you and wants you to stop bothering them?

My gut is saying to stick with it, no matter what. Every time I try to get over it, something sweet he did comes into my mind and how much he cared for me and it’s like it’s stopping me and telling me to hold on. I’ve had lots of dates with the type of guy you’re talking about, and I am very picky when it comes to relationships. I have never been in one, and I will literally choose the most innocent and down to earth guy. He told me how he has been single for a while, he only slept with a girl once and he just did it for peer pressure mostly and didn’t even like her. He didn’t want sex from me believe me, it took him 10 dates to kiss me, and he would be very nervous to hold or kiss me. After he kissed me, I was kind of shocked and didn’t say anything for a while and he was very nervous and told me he only kissed a few girls before and if it was really bad for me but I told him it wasn’t. He seems so innocent that he doesn’t even full on make out, just lots of forehead and cheek kisses, and usually peck in the lips or just kisses me very nicely for a few seconds and pulls back and just holds or hugs me, and he does this every few minutes if we’re cuddling or something, but not while we’re out or at dinner or studying.

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