How do you know if your holster is good?


Respectfully, what professional training have you received? Has it included resistance from an opposing force fighting for your carry gun full force?

It's about more than a "quality holster" though. You could have the best holster in the world and that won't save your life in a fight. You need to train with your gear.

Can you elaborate on this? I've seen soft loops sheer apart during FoF and officer's lifted off of their heels while a subject is yanking their service pistol with all their might. If the holster does not fail during this, I cannot conceive how you do not think it's part of the equation of things that lead to the good guy's/officer's survival.

A good holster can also be different for anyone.

The term "good holster" means a lot of things to a lot of different people. To most, it means something cheap, and comfortable. Most of those attributes do not flow over to a tough holster that works well during FoF, sadly. I don't know of any holsters that are tough during a FoF class that I would use with a suit, for example. That said, I'm not wearing a Glock 19 AIWB in a suit most likely, for example. There's always trade-offs.

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