How I imagine healers feel when I drop this bomb on them.

I disagree, the noob friendly class is Hunter. Warlocks have way more micro to take care of. Also, I play Druid and mage. As a druid healer, it's easy to regularly heal Warlocks with a rejuv. I don't really need to keep them at full health. Any potential problems can be solved just by whispering the warlock and briefly discussing our healing expectations. Usually it's just one line from the Warlock, he says "don't worry about healing me between pulls". Appreciate it, but I'll still throw a rejuv or low rank healing touch on him as long as I have the mana. That allows him to keep life tapping and keep going in a fight. Because I'm thinking about our overall team performance, a healer needs to be selfless, honestly I think you should re roll.

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