How important is Foreign Language on a transcript really? Ivies/top tiers

I'm going to disagree with what seems like the majority of the other comments here and say you're fine with taking the classes you like. For reference, I took up to Spanish 3 in sophomore year (my middle school offered Spanish 1), and got into Stanford and MIT. I'm a STEM major though so maybe the situation is a little different for you, but basically after I got my graduation requirements in social science/foreign language over with, I just took CS/art electives (like Web Design and Graphic Design) since those were the things I was into. The way I see it, I'd prefer to take a class I'd enjoy in my last year of high school than hate all my classes and have no motivation when senioritis hits hard in May September.

I don't really agree with the suggestion to drop choir, especially if you genuinely enjoy it, since I'm also in band and definitely understand the culture and 4-year commitment that often comes with music classes. But each situation is different, so you might want to talk to your counselor and see what they think of your course rigor/selection. If you were to drop a class, I'd recommend the tutoring -- it's hard to start new commitments senior year, and you don't want to overload yourself on top of college apps.

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