How do INFP males feel about toxic masculinity?

Not a huge fan of labeling masculinity and femininity. But, for the sake of this question I'll use the attributes that are typically seen alongside such labels. I am not ashamed of it at all. I personally believe it is a learning process in many cases for young men. Nobody is perfect, and its nothing to be ashamed of, it is almost impossible to develop and learn positive masculine traits (leadership, courage, etc) without falling victim of some of the negatives these traits can pitfall too at some point through maturing, this is with anything. I think there are so many positive traits men develop through "masculine" traits, that if you start making boys or girls for that matter feel ashamed of these traits at a young age, youre inhibiting them from confidence and growing into all the great things these traits theyre figuring out can offer.

I am not pro toxic masculine traits and do not believe its something anyone should strive for or promote whatsoever. I want to be clear about that. But, I firmly believe it is foolish to sit here and think when anyone (men or women) are learning to develop courage, self reliance, or any other "masculine" trait they are going to be perfect role models for said traits at all times...

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