How do I get into dating as a 25(M) who weighs 450lb and has never dated before?

you can even do ketogenic diet vegetarian. Look into it.

You are going to die very young and have diabetes. You will not be able to pay your doctors bills.

You have a serious and deadly disease and that is processed food addiction.

You are in denial.

sorry for hard words, but you are too young to come over this, you will die young and alone.

I gave you the answer, you are in denial, you are a food junk.

Its your life, good luck. People will lie to you and in a few years you will come to the conclusion that i was the most honest to you in your lifetime.

I went from 350 pounds to 250 in e year and 80% was first half year on ketogenic diet. Its cheaper as what you do now because you stuff yourself with extreme ammounts of food. On carnivore or keto you will eat way less and not be hungry.

You have a deadly addiction to fight, i gave you the weapon, i cant do more for you.

Good luck in your life but you are on death row. sorry for hard words, 450 lb at 25 is a death sentence.

Im dutch btw, so sorry if its a bit hard, i like to be direct.

I was in the same place but with 100 pounds less, i know what im talking about.

I hope it will work out for you.

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