How do you want IX to tie into the Prequels?

And you miss my point.

You bring up the question how I want IX to tie into the Prequels, I throw the suggestion of showing the positives of the films. Whether that be the exotic worlds that couldn't exist on earth, the Jedi while flawed but having well intentions, the political context that played a huge part of the conflict Anything that got fans like me into Star Wars to begin with.

And do you respond? By going full blown Mr. Plinklett by telling me there's nothing good about the films.

It wasn't a perfect time I understand. But if you really believe nothing good came from it, then why JJ should tie in the PT with IX? So he can insert a "ha ha ha prequels sucks" moment? Because that is the absolute last thing I want from IX.

Sorry if my desire for the Prequel Trilogy to be more respected by the films rathered than ridiculed set you off. It won't happen again because I don't see the point in conversing with you anymore.

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