How do I keep my child from turning out like her dad?

How do I keep my child from turning out like her dad?

Usually listening and emotionally supporting the child goes a long way.

I told her she will not speak to me like that.

I would suggest being curious about her feelings and thoughts behind her behaviour.

Now our daughter is on the verge of failing 7th grade and I am trying to get her to do her work

No judgement here, but there are definitely some underlying causes that need to be addressed. Perhaps it's a learning disability as one commenter suggests here, or perhaps it's the consequences of having a narcissist parent.

And one more question - are you connecting how she screamed at you and accused you of rolling your eyes at you as her turning into her father? I would say it's just as likely she's a child who has had eyes rolled at her a lot, along with a variety of other invalidating language and gestures throughout her life, is now failing school and is sensitive and ashamed about that, and isn't getting the emotional and psychological help she needs to deal with these horrible and probably confusing feelings.

If you want her to not turn out with psychological issues, I suggest lining up a good therapist for her and yourself.

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