How do you ladies deal with female social hierarchies [25-35 F]? I [28F] struggle to engage with them and it is costing me friendships.

This is a very fair point. I can imagine it would be uncomfortable to be trying to bring people together and then only really get direct feedback about how that is working when someone says they're not interested in doing something.

I'd like to define dominant as well, because I think that word is creating some stress. By dominant, I just mean a person who tends to take a leadership role in the group. It feels like it is being interpreted negatively, and I don't always mean it that way.

I think the issue is that I do connect with the non-dominant women, but the only time I typically talk to the dominant women is when I'm declining to do things. So this probably would seem quite negative to the people who are doing a lot of the social labour involved with bringing people together.

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