How is LE doing this all of a sudden

We will or else absolutely every single market owner and admin would walk away without any charges.

I want to believe that, but there's way too many variables on that one. Ross / AB guy had an opsec failure (real or not, that's what we're told), hansa who knows yet, maybe someone's SO was mad and turned them in?
Even though a tor exploit was used, at that point they don't really need to mention a tor exploit was used at all do they? Assuming they found a single thing to put a name to a market, it doesn't matter how they found it, as long as they find something else showing it to show to the courts. Right? honest question.

I hope that if there is an exploit (aka tor timing attacks or whatnot) that it is released, but all they need to do is get the admin for something else, and they don't need to explain how they got them in the first place... right?

People (non-market people) have gotten charged many times without much (if any evidence) and got jail time (usually for being a minority). I don't think that the US system (at least) is oging to be any different.

I'm hopeful that you are correct. I really want to know what they are using to figure things out. WE (the community) want to know more, but they know that the less info we get the more we speculate, the more paranoid we get, and are either wrong, correct or somewhere in between.

For all we know, each market had a different vuln leaking the IP, which lead back to the owner, or a disgruntled (or paid off) admin / employee who knew more, or who knows what.

Still way too early to tell anything. But there is one thing. Proper PGP usage works at least. (that explains why a vendor kept asking me for my address because I kept using their old key... lol)

/sorry if that isn't what you meant though. It's still early for me, ha.

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