How to learn to hook the toe pick in the ice so I can learn the axel?

I did not ask to get It tomorrow. I was all about learning and understanding in the first place. Do I intend to do an axel, yes, but not tommorow, when I feel prepared yes. Do I want to start learning yes. Did I think how long is going to take me to achieve, no. I probably did not express myself very well in terms of wording of that hook. I don't do a waltz jump with a hook like I do in the toe loop but that's how I expressed it, anyway when you have a group of children they don't progress all at the same pace. But you won't tell them ever that he/she won't get it soon because he/she is weaker, or takes too long to learn an easier element. Sometimes it has to do with other things and the last child in the class can level up the others when you least expect it.

And even if it takes more time, I have to start somewhere, a little step toward it, cause when the day arrives I can tell I have been working on it all the time and I never postponed it because I thought that it was too difficult, too early to start, too late to start, too dreamy... or other many things.

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