How do you learn to like yourself?

I’ve never done anything extreme like that but I am sometimes an asshole to people I love. When I’m stressed, I’m like a monster. I hate that I’m like this. Especially when I’m in school, i seriously don’t like the kind of person I am. I am selfish and only care about studying and doing well in school, so I miss out on things like going out with friends and visiting my family. I am very cheap because I don’t have a lot of money (obviously being a student lol). My grades aren’t even that good to make up for everything. You know how people say that an indicator to leave a relationship is when you don’t like the person you are with them? That’s how I feel with myself in school. And then I tell myself I should be grateful for this opportunity because not everyone can study in university yet here I am, complaining and self loathing.

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