How do you let go of people who obviously don’t want to be around you anymore?

Kinda in this situation with a lady friend of mine. I found out that this friend of mine is actually only an attention seeker and has low self-respect. Basically we went from texting to ft to going out to eat over the span of 6 months. However, one day i noticed that she complained about how shit some guys have been to her and that they stopped talking to her. IDK why but she always kept mentioning sex in front of me? After analyzing her behavior I realized that i need to move on from her and cut off my communication with her. She texted me few weeks back, but i gave her 1 word response. I'm not going to ghost her cuz that is rude, but I will no longer continue texting her or checking up on her if she is well.

Guys if you can lmk if i did the right thing, i would appreciate it. This is very tough to move on from someone who you thought was actually interested. She never misbehaved with me, but she lied a lot and only was there for attention.

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