How likely are employers to accept a relocation application in Dallas?

I'm not in the I.T field. But Ive moved states and cities mulitple times. For lower or entry level positions I started applying about 3 weeks out. I always used the address I would be moving too. If its possible for you to travel to do in person interviews, that helps. Alot of companies were willing to do phone or Skype interview if there was a set arrival date.

As I gained more experience I started about 4-6 weeks out as the hiring process for (some) higher level positions can take longer. Also dont be afraid to take a serving or retail gig while up look for something more permanent.

Maybe look into applying for some bigger companies that hire big batches of people at a time... like AAA, State Farm or Geico. Depending position I've seen start dates a month or 2 out from the date of the positing.

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