How long do you think we have before actors are no longer needed (deepfake technology)? Why?

Those Tom Hanks (I think that’s who) deepfake we’re absolutely amazing, if you saw them. The deepfake of the queen was amazing too. I imagine the costs for those videos were exorbitant but I expect it to go down as time goes on. Actors are one of the most costly aspects of making a movie, cutting them out is an obvious choice once technology improves. Not only that, but kid acting is hard to justify morally by today’s societal standards. It messes them up acting from such an early age. They develop less social skills than their peers because they often require private tutoring and they mature far too quickly as they are working far earlier than any of their peers do. Not only that but the fame can really get to them in a few different ways.

I expect kids to definitely be the first to be substituted.

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