How Long Before 'Remainers' Find Another Excuse Not to Vote Labour?

That's fine.

The more I discuss the topic here, the more I'm getting a sense there are Remainers just as extreme as No Dealers.

I loved Leave myself, but personally I can understand why people want to Remain given how shit the Tories have been at negotiating and the kind of deal they are aiming for.

But that said, just stamping your feet and saying "We have to Remian!" is no different emotionally than being an idiotic No Dealer and screaming "We need to Leave the EU NOW deal or no deal!".

Its made me change my opinion somewhat.

Even though they are 'my side' so to speak I have always had no respect for Brexit No Dealers and happily joined in slapping them down as idiotic ... however it seems there is a chunk of the Remain crowd that need to get off their high horses ... or better yet, get slapped down and ridiculed themselves because like I said, they are just as extreme, albeit at the other end of the spectrum of the issue.

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